Manoas is the ultimate place of tranquility so you’ll have the energy and peace of mind to experience all the transformation and healing that awaits. The priority is to provide you the setting that will guarantee your stay here is truly unforgettable.

The rooms are assigned in order of registration, as well as, the best configuration for the comfort of our participants. You have the option of single, double, or even triple accommodations in either a villa room or a glamping tent. Details are outlined below.

Select your preference when you register and your spot will be reserved after your deposit, passport photo, and registration form is received.

Option 1: Glamping Tents

Each of the 4 tents are equipped with a king size bed (with twin or bunks for double or triple accommodations), a full-service bathroom, a beautiful deck, and enough space to stretch out and kick up your feet. The tents are large, in fact, it’s more like a yurt, and is perched on a ridge overlooking the jungle. This selection affords spectacular views of wildlife, access to hiking trails, and you will sleep like a sloth with nature sounds as your backdrop.

There’s no a/c, but there are fans, a mini fridge, and US style electrical outlets. It can get warm in there during the daytime, but the evenings are quite comfortable, and during the night it is in the mid 70s year round.

If you are heat sensitive, the villa might be a better option (see below).

Option 2: Villa Room

There are 3 villas on the property, a large 4 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and a 1 bedroom. The rooms can accommodate for 1-3 people, each with their own private bathroom, lock, and safe.

With this selection, you will be sharing common space with the other retreat participants, and the staff may sometimes utilize the kitchen in the large villa for our meals. It’s a really great way to have your own privacy, but also socialize when you’re up for it. 

Each villa has a view of the river and full-time sounds of the flowing water below.